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Q) Why are you selling Weight Gainer?Aren't they fat

A) The problem with taking protein powder with little or
no carb is that the protein is not properly retained in
the muscles. In other words, the nitrogen retention
from the protein taken is not effective.

Massive Gainer from MRM contains 1g  protein from
three high quality sources with roughly 2 g of
maltodextrin (this is a clean, high GI carb that is easily
absorbed) to increase insulin secretion in the body.
The insulin will enable proper absorption of the
protein. This correct proportion of carb also help to
fuel workout, improve energy level.

If you are not getting result from protein powder, try
this. It is likely to give you the result you are missing
for a drug-free athlete. And it mixes easily and taste

Q) How important is fish oil in a good supplement
A) Fish oil contains Omega 3 fat that is essential for
optimum health and performance. It is anti
inflammatory, essential for optimum nerve function
and it helps to keep cell surface flexible which
contribute to better receptor sensitivity.
Today, fatty fishes are probably the best natural
source. But much of our fish sources today are farm
fishes which are almost zero in Omega 3 due to their
feedings. A good Omega 3 supplement is thus very
important in a good supplement programme.

Q) How can I maximise the benefits of my probiotic
A) For people with "very unhealthy" colon, meaning
they eat a unhealthy diet, I recommend they take EPS
probiotics twice a day for the first week. They should
also adjust their diet to taking more soluble fibre from
fruits and oats, while reducing salt and bad fats (like
fried food and packet tidbits. After that they can switch
to just taking EPS probiotic once a day.
They will experience a more regular and healthy toilet
pattern and likely less skin breakout as the population
of microflora in their colon improves.  

Q) What is the best exercise routine?
A) The best training routine should be one that fits
your lifestyle and is effective in achieving your goals.
For example, one do not really like to exercise yet, but
wish to be more athletic-looking, He/she can start
going to the gym three times a week, each time doing
2 sets of each, a total of eight compound exercises.
Just spending less than 2 hours in the gym a week
will make a difference in the physical outlook within
2-3 months.

For more advanced trainers, the variable components
can be the rest interval, reps scheme, volume, tempo
and exercise selections. Personally, I like to alternate
every 4-6 weeks between cycles that focus on
strength and then more volume. I also includes 2-3
aerobic sessions a week like jogging etc. to improve
my blood circulation and oxygen-carrying capabilities.  
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